Temple Committees

Ways and Means

The Ways and Means Committee is committed to raising funds for necessary Congregational purposes that do not include membership dues, building fund fees or other assessments.  Here at Temple Shalom we believe that we can best achieve this goal by sponsoring events, activities and community programs that are relevant to our temple members and community neighbors.

Our committee reaches out to volunteer members of our congregation who have a passion for a particular area (like music events, comedy nights, or movies) or who have expertise in event planning or nonprofit fundraising and asks them to “help us make this fundraiser a real success”.

Stacey Feiss, Committee Chair


The Worship Committee works with Rabbi and Cantor to offer lay views on the ways we pray, including how to organize Temple services - when they are offered, to whom they are targeted, what kind of prayer books we use, etc. In addition, the Worship Committee oversees special services, serves as substitute leaders so that our clergy are able to take time off, and help coordinate the High Holy Days and other festivals.

Andrew Goldner, Committee Chair


The Education Committee and our Religious School Director, David Gronlund-Jacob, supported by Rabbi Malinger and the Educational team, are enhancing our vibrant Religious and Hebrew education for our children.  From the special Family Education programs to coordinating class parents to helping with administrative work and so much more, the Education Committee helps ensure a strong Jewish identity for our youth.

We encourage parents to be involved in this very important committee.

Jennifer Katz, Co-Committee Chair
Robin Slobotsky, Co-Committee Chair

Social Action

The Social Action Committee leads Temple Shalom’s commitment to “pursuing justice and working together to create a better world” as it is central to who we are as individuals and as a community (Union for Reform Judaism).

This includes helping the disadvantaged, feeding the hungry, and raising our communal voices against social or economic injustice, wherever they occur.

Many of our activities have made a significant difference in the lives of families in our community. Our recent projects have included:

  • High Holiday Food Drive that helps to restock three local food pantries
  • Our Garden of Hope (Gan Tikvah), maintained together with Temple Beth Ahm, which provides fresh vegetables to the pantry of a local church
  • Collection of funds (Tzedakah) to donate where help is needed
  • Mitzvah Day, scheduled in mid-to-late spring
  • Efforts to help the environment such as beach cleanup
  • Martin Luther King joint services with the New Light Baptist Church

We encourage all temple members to join in our work, or simply reach out and share ideas and passions with us. We meet on the first Thursday of each month.

Alberto Barugel, Committee Chair

Membership Engagement

The Membership Engagement Committee is tasked with finding and “engaging” new members into our Temple Shalom community. Our primary job is to maintain and retain our current members.

Dorothy Lake, Committee Chair


The Finance Committee’s main function is to prepare the Temple Shalom budget. Our main goal is to protect the financial viability of our Temple for future generations. This includes keeping our dues at a reasonable level. The Committee welcomes input from any temple member.

Brian Reingold, Committee Chair

College Contact

The College Contact Committee is tasked with helping Temple Shalom college students keep their Jewish connection strong while they're away from home.

Jen Siek, Committee Chair


The Security Committee manages security issues, upgrades, and enhancements for Temple Shalom.  The purpose of the committee is to create and maintain a secure space for temple members, visitors, guests, and employees.  Since its formation in 2012 the committee has been awarded and managed five state and federal security grants totalling $270,000.  Funds have been used to purchase and install cameras in and around the building, electrical and lighting upgrades in and around the temple, upgrade access control, upgrade alarm systems, purchase and install new interior and exterior doors and locks, upgrade windows by purchase and installation of security laminates, install bollards, and hire security guards for services and special events. Temple members with a security background or interest in security or grant management are welcome to join the committee.

Howard Scheines, Committee Chair


The Caring Committee provides programs, support groups, and activities that educate and ease the minds, bodies, and hearts of the temple's membership.  Please see the Caring Corner page if you or someone else need any assistance or support.

Julia Barugel, Committee Co-Chair
Barbara Raffel, Committee Co-Chair


The Youth Committee functions as an advisory group for the three Temple Shalom youth groups (ToSTY Teens, ToSTY Tweens & ToSTY Juniors). The members of the committee provide feedback and suggestions on ToSTY programming.

Wayne Christie, Committee Chair


The Communications Committee is responsible for all outside communications from Temple Shalom, including website, social media and outside publications.

Ruth Queen, Committee Chair

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