Weddings – Blessing Relationships and Families


Rejoicing with two people making the sacred commitment to become lifetime partners is one of the highest mitzvot in Judaism.  Our Temple Shalom clergy feel incredibly blessed when they have the opportunity to sign a ketubah (Jewish marriage contract) and stand under a chuppah (wedding canopy) with a loving couple at the moment they exchange rings and enter into the covenant of marriage.  Prior to the wedding, our clergy spend time with every couple, discussing aspects of their relationship, exploring the Jewish wedding ceremony itself in great detail, learning about the rituals associated with the wedding, and designing a personal ceremony that will be meaningful to the couple as well as their family and friends.  As part of our inclusive community, Temple Shalom clergy also rejoice in working with interfaith and same-sex couples.

Does the Rabbi officiate at interfaith marriages?  Yes

Does the Rabbi officiate at non-member marriages?  Yes. In either case, please contact Rabbi Malinger through the Temple office.