Brit Milah & Baby Naming

Beginning Your Baby’s Jewish Journey

At Temple Shalom, we celebrate with our families when they welcome a new baby into their home.  Traditionally, a boy is welcomed into the covenant of the Jewish people on the 8th day of life, through the ceremony of brit milah or bris (circumcision), and it is not unusual for Temple Shalom’s clergy to join together with the mohel (ritual circumcision) in co-officiating at this sacred moment.  We have several mohelim who are well known in the Bayshore community and can provide contact information upon request.

It is very common to welcome our daughters through a special ritual as well.  Though there are no prescribed times that a baby-naming is held, it can occur any time after the 8th day, and is generally observed within the baby’s first year of life.  This can be done either as a special blessing and naming at Temple during a Friday night or Saturday morning service or in a private ceremony at another time.

How do we have a baby naming? Contact Rabbi Malinger to schedule a baby naming.  There is no fee for Temple members.