Temple Shalom depends on your generosity to keep it financially healthy. There are many vehicles through which you can express your generosity.  Contact the Temple office at 732-566-2621 to make a donation to the following funds:

  • Stained Glass Window: A special gift to honor a Simcha or remember loved ones. Donation: $5,000
  • Tree of Life: Honor special family occasions with an engraved leaf on the tree bearing the name of the person honored. Donation: $175
  • Pews: Recognize a Simcha or memorial with a plate affixed to a pew. Donation: $300 for a double seat; $450 for a triple seat.
  • Friday Night Oneg Sponsorship: Celebrate a birthday, anniversary, engagement, marriage, Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Minimum donation: $75
  • Memorial (Yahrzeit) Plaque: The traditional way to memorialize those who have passed away.  Names read from the pulpit on their yahrzeit each year. Donation: $225 members; $325 non-members
  • Tree for Israel Certificates: A gift with special significance; helps the restoration of Israel’s forests. Donation: $18 per tree

There is a minimum $10 donation for the following funds:

  • Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund:  Rabbi’s discretion.
  • Cantor’s Discretionary Fund: Cantor’s discretion
  • Israeli Scholarship Fund: Helps Confirmation class members pay for URJ-sponsored trip to Israel.
  • Library Fund: For new books and support for the library.
  • Mitzvah Fund: To support various areas of need in Temple.
  • Prayer Book Fund: Maintains prayer books. Book plates may be purchased for $25.
  • Religious School Enhancement Fund: For special programs to enhance religious school education.
  • The Golden Book Fund (Sisterhood): For community projects, nursing home visits, gifts, etc.
  • The Growing Fund (Sisterhood):Tto celebrate and honor occasions and accomplishments of children and support Tot Shabbat and Temple Tots programs.
  • Youth Fund: Supports the Temple Youth programs.
  • Burton J. Jacowitz Social Justice Fund: Provides one merit-based award annually to a Confirmation student who attends the L’Taken Social Justice Seminar of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism.
  • Lear/Winograd College Contact Fund: To keep in contact with higher education students living away from home.
  • Lee Gura Music and Choir Fund: For support needed by Cantor and Choir
  • William and Harriet Kossin Bereavement Support Group Fund: To support ongoing the bereavement group held at Temple Shalom.
  • Natalie Rubin Family Caring Fund: Helps fund activities and support groups needed by Temple families through the Caring Community.
  • Michael Henry Memorial Children’s Fund: Assists financially needy children in pursuit of Jewish experiences.
  • Joseph Rabin Early Learning Center Fund: Provides resources to assist the Early Learning Center of Temple Shalom.
  • Alfred Sackerman Memorial Garden Fund: Supports maintenance and beautification of the garden at the Temple’s main entrance.
  • Saul Sahner Library/Education Endowment: To provide financial support for the library as well as to encourage and support research and scholarship.
  • Larry Sadja Memorial Fund: To provide funds for the beautification of the sanctuary and the building.
  • Scholar-in-Residence Fund: Tto assist in securing appropriate scholars to participate in the annual Scholar-in-Residence program.
  • Shalom Cares (sponsored by The Kimmish Family): To provide Shabbat meals and/or other items to bereaved families and to those who are coping with serious illness.
  • Wallace H. Steinberg Family Education Endowment Fund: To provide funds for Family Education programs.
  • Shalom Rocks Concert Fund: To stage an annual concert celebrating Jewish music in a family-oriented environment encouraging congregant participation.