Temple Shalom depends on your generosity to keep it financially healthy. There are many vehicles through which you can express your generosity including donating via the PayPal button on the top of this page.

You can also contact the Temple office at 732-566-2621 to make a donation to the following funds:

  • Stained Glass Window: A special gift to honor a Simcha or remember loved ones. Donation: $5,000
  • Tree of Life: Honor special family occasions with an engraved leaf on the tree bearing the name of the person honored. Donation: $175
  • Pews: Recognize a Simcha or memorial with a plate affixed to a pew. Donation: $300 for a double seat; $450 for a triple seat.
  • Friday Night Oneg Sponsorship: Celebrate a birthday, anniversary, engagement, marriage, Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Minimum donation: $75
  • Memorial (Yahrzeit) Plaque: The traditional way to memorialize those who have passed away.  Names read from the pulpit on their yahrzeit each year. Donation: $225 members; $325 non-members
  • Tree for Israel Certificates: A gift with special significance; helps the restoration of Israel’s forests. Donation: $18 per tree

There is a minimum $10 donation for the following funds:

  • Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund:  Rabbi’s discretion.
  • Cantor’s Discretionary Fund: Cantor’s discretion
  • Israeli Scholarship Fund: Helps Confirmation class members pay for URJ-sponsored trip to Israel.
  • Library Fund: For new books and support for the library.
  • Mitzvah Fund: To support various areas of need in Temple.
  • Prayer Book Fund: Maintains prayer books. Book plates may be purchased for $25.
  • Religious School Enhancement Fund: For special programs to enhance religious school education.
  • The Golden Book Fund (Sisterhood): For community projects, nursing home visits, gifts, etc.
  • The Growing Fund (Sisterhood):Tto celebrate and honor occasions and accomplishments of children and support Tot Shabbat and Temple Tots programs.
  • Youth Fund: Supports the Temple Youth programs.
  • Burton J. Jacowitz Social Justice Fund: Provides one merit-based award annually to a Confirmation student who attends the L’Taken Social Justice Seminar of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism.
  • Lear/Winograd College Contact Fund: To keep in contact with higher education students living away from home.
  • Lee Gura Music and Choir Fund: For support needed by Cantor and Choir
  • William and Harriet Kossin Bereavement Support Group Fund: To support ongoing the bereavement group held at Temple Shalom.
  • Natalie Rubin Family Caring Fund: Helps fund activities and support groups needed by Temple families through the Caring Community.
  • Michael Henry Memorial Children’s Fund: Assists financially needy children in pursuit of Jewish experiences.
  • Joseph Rabin Early Learning Center Fund: Provides resources to assist the Early Learning Center of Temple Shalom.
  • Alfred Sackerman Memorial Garden Fund: Supports maintenance and beautification of the garden at the Temple’s main entrance.
  • Saul Sahner Library/Education Endowment: To provide financial support for the library as well as to encourage and support research and scholarship.
  • Larry Sadja Memorial Fund: To provide funds for the beautification of the sanctuary and the building.
  • Scholar-in-Residence Fund: Tto assist in securing appropriate scholars to participate in the annual Scholar-in-Residence program.
  • Shalom Cares (sponsored by The Kimmish Family): To provide Shabbat meals and/or other items to bereaved families and to those who are coping with serious illness.
  • Wallace H. Steinberg Family Education Endowment Fund: To provide funds for Family Education programs.
  • Shalom Rocks Concert Fund: To stage an annual concert celebrating Jewish music in a family-oriented environment encouraging congregant participation.