Ever since our beginnings in 1963, we have fostered the belief that Temple Shalom can be your second home!

Are you looking to join a Reform Jewish Congregation? Please contact Stacey Feiss and Dorothy Lake at or 732-566-2621.

To access our online Information Request and Membership Form, please click here: Temple Shalom Information & Membership Request.

To download a PDF of our Membership Application, please click here: Temple Shalom Membership Application

We are pleased to offer two options for 1 year of free membership for families who are new to the Temple Shalom Community! You can choose from the following two options:

  • 1 Free Year for New Members Enrolling a 3rd Grader in Our Religious School: Enjoy 1 year of free membership with your paid tuition for 3rd grade!
  • 1 Free Year in our “Gift of Membership” Program: A paid-up member in good standing can recommend to the Membership Committee a one year’s free membership to be gifted to a person or family who has never been a member of Temple Shalom. This program is open to persons of all membership categories.

Both free membership programs include High Holy Day Tickets and, during the year of free membership, the person or family will not have to pay into the Building Fund. The recipient of the free membership will be responsible to pay for school tuition, should they have a child or children attending Temple Shalom’s religious school and any other fees.

Once the new member completes their first year of membership the new member will be responsible for their annual membership dues in accordance with the membership category to which they belong and for the annual Building Fund fees.