Message from the President, Howard Scheines

When I look at our Temple Community I often sit in awe that we have been in existence for over 50 years. I often speak with our members, some that have been part of our community for a good portion of these 50 years. Understanding that so much has changed in our world over the years, we discuss some of the many high moments as well as some of the struggles. Some of the issues are the same, and some are different. It is certainly enlightening and educational.

One thing that is a constant and we must not forget, is what makes our community special is our people. When you walk into Temple Shalom you are not just walking into a building, but into a community that genuinely cares for each other. We strive to support one another in goods times and in tough times.

Although one can try to obtain their religious experience in various other ways, you will not experience this feeling of community taking those other options.

It is this feeling that drives me to continue the legacy of Temple Shalom. I want every member that walks into our doors to experience the same feeling of community. Regardless of involvement level, every member should experience the warmth and welcoming feeling as they walk into our building.

We certainly face challenges in a changing world, and the task can be daunting at times, but we are driven to ensure that Temple Shalom endures for many years to come and we want our members to each feel that they are an important part of our community.

When my family and I joined Temple Shalom in 1999, the last thing I would have ever imagined is that one day I would have the opportunity to represent this respected community as its President. What I envisioned at that time is having a Temple to worship on High Holidays, as well as to enable my son to attend Religious School and ultimately become a Bar Mitzvah. These expectations were certainly met, but what I didn’t expect is that I would have the opportunity to worship in an environment where I always feel better when I walk out than when I walked in and if there is one thing I would hope for, is that every member of our community has that same feeling.

Things have certainly changed from that day in 1999. My first involvement of any kind was to join the Temple’s softball team, which was being formed at that time. I am still a member of that team and have made many good friends as a result. Through my involvement with the softball team, I was invited to attend a meeting of the Brotherhood. There, I again made several friends and my involvement in that group began to grow. I learned early on how much Brotherhood and its members supported our Temple and were drawn to be a part of it.

My growth within Brotherhood continued and eventually led to taking on the role of President of the Brotherhood. Being part of all the special events Brotherhood was involved with such as Chanukah parties and Matzoh Brie breakfasts exposed me to the larger Temple community.

As I completed my term as President of Brotherhood, I was approached and graciously accepted the offer to become a trustee on our Temple Board. And as they say, the rest is history and here I am, 17 years later, honored to have the opportunity to lead this community.

To our current members, we need to continue to strive and build on all the values that make our community such a welcoming place. We are blessed with a Rabbi that is second to none, that is there any time you need him, a Cantor, whose melodic voice is a treasure, and an enriching Education and Early Learning program lead by our Director Cindy Terebush.

To those that are not currently members, please strongly consider becoming part of our Temple family. Come meet us and see what makes us so special. I will personally make myself available to anyone who is considering becoming part of our Temple family and discuss all the various programs Temple Shalom has for you and your family. We have many new member programs including a Gift of Membership program which makes becoming a member not only a tremendous spiritual opportunity, but an affordable one as well.

As is mentioned in our Mission Statement, we are dedicated to Tikkun Olam, the repairing of our world, as we encourage advocacy in issues affecting the community, our nation, and the world at large. It is our responsibility to perform loving deeds and assist individuals and organizations in time of need”. Please join us in our effort to make a difference.

So, the time is now. If you are a current member, Thank You for all your support and please let us know what we can do better. If you are not yet a member and are seeking a warm welcoming environment where we can meet you and your families spiritual, social and educational needs, please contact me and we can discuss making you a part of our family.

Best of Health and Happiness to all.

From Our Board


Allow us to suggest that membership in Temple Shalom is a covenantal relationship. The Temple has responsibilities to each and every one of our members, just as every member bears responsibilities to their Temple community. This responsibility includes supporting the congregation financially, finding a way to share your passion and talent with your community and reaching out when others in our community need our help. Together, we have an opportunity and privilege to help shape Temple Shalom as a place where our Jewish memories are made, where our rich and abiding heritage is passed from generation to generation, and a place where we feel the strength and comfort of a community.

Join a Temple Committee
Temple Shalom is primarily run by volunteers who serve as our officers, trustees, and as chairs and members of our committees. Many of our members find great reward volunteering their time and value how the experience brings them closer to others in our community. Many of our committees are actively seeking new members right now including our Facilities, Worship, Youth, Membership and Adult Jewish Growth committees. Make your community stronger and increase your sense of belonging by joining a committee today. See you at Temple!

Take the Next Step
Would you be interested in serving your Temple Community by joining a committee or working on a special project? Whether you serve on a committee or plan for a special event or program, we can always benefit from your participation.

Your involvement strengthens our Temple and increases your sense of belonging.

Contact President Howard Scheines to discuss where you would best fit in.

See You at Temple!